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Word and Table is a bi-weekly podcast about liturgy, sacrament, and the great tradition of Christian worship and why it is vital in our world today.

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    The Lambeth Quadrilateral

    How do Anglicans view Christians of other traditions and how can we all come together as mere Christians?

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    Jesus in Genesis

    Continuing our series on Christ in the Old Testament: where do we find Jesus in the Book of Genesis?

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    What Did Jesus Know?

    Did Jesus have all knowledge in the universe as a human being? What did Jesus already know as divine and what did he have to learn as a human being?

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    All about the Eastern tradition of icons, why the Church distinguished between images and idols, and how to read the puzzling style of Eastern icons.

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    Details in the Gospels

    Fr. Stephen addresses some of the odd details in the gospel stories and why they're put there.

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    Vincent of Lerins

    How do we know what is true and false doctrine? A 5th Century French Father of the Church, Vincent of Lerins, laid down a helpful rule that became popular both with Catholics and Protestants around the time of the Reformation. Needless to say that makes him especially endearing to Anglicans.

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    Mailbag: Confirmation, Divorce, Ecumenism

    Great questions from our listeners!

    1. Does Confirmation mean "becoming Anglican?" - Micah Thompson
    2. How does the church handle sacramental marriages that end up abusive? - Alyssa Keysor
    3. What would it take to reunite our Anglican churches with Roman Catholicism or other evangelical protestant denominations? - Seth Hedman

    Music: Veni Creator Spiritus by Richard Proulx and the Cathedral Singers. Copyright GIA Publications

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    The 39 Articles

    In which Father Stephen summarizes every one of the 39 Articles of Religion in 35 minutes. That's less than a minute per article! Plus a short introduction explaining what the Articles are and are not.

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    In Jesus' Name

    How do we pray "in Jesus' name?" What does the common ending actually mean and how does the liturgy help us address God directly?

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    Divorce and Remarriage

    What did Jesus really say about marriage and divorce? How has the church upheld such a difficult teaching?

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