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Word and Table is a weekly podcast about liturgy, sacrament, and the great tradition of Christian worship and why it is vital in our world today.

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    The Gospel of Luke

    We take on the third gospel and its indispensable contributions to the story of Christ: the birth narrative, its Greek context, and the elevated place of women. We also discuss the merits of reading the Bible in sequence.

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    We break down the pieces of priestly dress and where they come from as well as the age-old question of why the bishop wears such a funny hat.

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    The Daily Offices

    In which we explore the Daily Office: its roots and the meaning behind its practice. It's a tale that involves sleepy monks, how the liturgy can be like a garage full of odds and ends, and the difference between the Office and personal devotions.

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    Saint Athanasius

    Father Stephen talks about the life of Saint Athanasius and how he articulated and defended doctrines that the Church holds today.

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    The Church part 2

    Alex and Stephen revisit the subject of the Church and go deeper into the meaning of some of the words used to describe it: one, holy, catholic, apostolic, and the bride of Christ.

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    Church Fathers

    Who were the Church Fathers? Why were they important to the church and why are they important to us today? What is a "Doctor of the Church?"

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    Father Stephen and Alex are back to talk about Easter and the hope of the resurrection. He is risen!

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    The Benedict Option with Rod Dreher

    Bestselling Christian author Rod Dreher joins the program to discuss his book The Benedict Option and what modern American Christians can learn from monks and how they live and order their lives.

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    Midseason Break

    Father Stephen is on sabbatical until after Easter. In the interim, we've got some exciting new content to share with you.

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    Infant Baptism

    Why does the Anglican Church baptize infants? We explain what infant baptism means, and doesn't mean in light of scripture and tradition.

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