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Word and Table is a bi-weekly podcast about liturgy, sacrament, and the great tradition of Christian worship and why it is vital in our world today.

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    Can you sin without doing something wrong? What is the concept of scandal in moral theology and the 1 Corinthians? How do we care for each other's consciences and still seek the truth?

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    1 & 2 Corinthians - Background

    Why did Paul write to the Corinthian Church so many times? What was the controversy going on in the background that occasioned his letters and how can it remind us of the heart of evangelism and church ministry today?

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    Good Liturgy

    How does the Church put on a good showing in its liturgy? How does thoughtful liturgical style and presentation contribute to the symbols on display and the truths being communicated? Finally what's the point of liturgy anyway? Is it meant to teach us something, or help us do something else?

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    For our Valentine's Day (or should we say 'Valentinian') special we talk about heresies and the heretics who love them. What is the difference between heresy and error? How do we know what isn't heresy? Do we need to be worried about being heretics just because we make theological mistakes?

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    Three Creeds

    We talk about the three great creeds of the Church: where they came from, what they mean, and what they have to do with the Bible.

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    The Eucharistic Prayer

    Father Stephen talks through the parts of the great Eucharistic Prayer and why it's all one seamless garment.

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    O Antiphons

    O Come O Come Emmanuel has some of the most beautiful lyrics of all church music, and it turns out that they run deeper than your average carol. Father Stephen explains the history of the O Antiphons and how celebrating Christmas is incomprehensible without Easter.

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    Interpreting Scripture

    How does the Church interpret scripture together? What are the guiding principles that help us understand the message and meaning of the Bible?

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    The Letter to Diognetus

    There is a short letter wedged into most collections of the Apostolic Fathers. We don't know who wrote it and it certainly wasn't from the generation after the Apostles, so what's it doing there and why is it worth reading?

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    The Laity and their Duties

    We've talked about Priests, Deacons, and Bishops, but what about everybody else? Are we all just supposed to "pay, pray, and obey?" Hardly. Lay-ministry is where all the action is. Father Stephen breaks down the duties of all the People of God and why ordinary members living holy lives is essential to the Church's mission.

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