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Word and Table is a weekly podcast about liturgy, sacrament, and the great tradition of Christian worship and why it is vital in our world today.

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    The Benedict Option with Rod Dreher

    Bestselling Christian author Rod Dreher joins the program to discuss his book The Benedict Option and what modern American Christians can learn from monks and how they live and order their lives.

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    Midseason Break

    Father Stephen is on sabbatical until after Easter. In the interim, we've got some exciting new content to share with you.

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    Infant Baptism

    Why does the Anglican Church baptize infants? We explain what infant baptism means, and doesn't mean in light of scripture and tradition.

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    The Gospel of Mark

    Father Stephen explains how to read the Gospel of Mark, including the history, structure, and themes of the book. We also talk over why the Cross is so challenging for people of all backgrounds to accept.

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    The Saints

    Why do we reverence the saints? What is a healthy understanding of how the saints fit into our worship?

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    Fr. Stephen explains the Anglican view of salvation and how we can know that we are saved by knowing Jesus.

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    Church Councils

    Father Stephen defines what a church council is meant to do and goes over some of the major issues the great ecumenical church councils dealt with in the first few centuries of the church's life.

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    Scripture & Apocrypha

    Fr. Stephen takes a question from a listener asking about how Anglicans interpret scripture and what's the deal with all those extra-Biblical books?

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    The season of Epiphany isn't the most popular one on the church calendar, but it has a lot to say about how the Lord manifests his glory in the world.

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    Why the smells? What does incense symbolize? And what's the name of that thing it swings around in? All this and more on this week's Word & Table.

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