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Word and Table is a bi-weekly podcast about liturgy, sacrament, and the great tradition of Christian worship and why it is vital in our world today.

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    The Ten Commandments

    Think the Ten Commandments is just a list of "don'ts?" Father Stephen and Alex dig into the "dos" behind the "don'ts" to show how the Ten Commandments truly is a holistic moral vision for human flourishing.

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    Christ in the Old Testament

    If the whole Bible is about Jesus, then where do we find him in the Old Testament? What's the difference between exegesis (getting something out of a text) and "eisegesis" (reading something into the text). And what's the difference between interpreting the Bible and any other book?

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    Difficult Passages in the Gospels

    Sometimes you want to be inspired by the words of Jesus but you just cannot figure what he's talking about! Alex asks Father Stephen about several difficult passages in the gospels and learns how to interpret them.

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    Basil of Caesarea

    Father Stephen and Alex talk about another Church Doctor, Basil the Great and what he did to clarify the teaching of Christ's nature, the Holy Spirit and also his work on the liturgy and monaticism.

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    Have you ever been tempted to sin? We're willing to bet you have. Father Stephen and Alex talk about temptation, how it is different from sin and God's purpose behind allowing us to be tempted.

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    Cyprian of Carthage

    Cyprian of Carthage was a 3rd Century Bishop who lived as he wrote: dedicated entirely to the unity of the Church. Father Stephen introduces us to the life and writings of this beloved Father of the Church.

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    The Pharisees

    Father Stephen focuses on the Pharisees in the gospels. Who were they, what was it about them that Jesus objected to, and what can we learn from them today?

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    Irenaeus of Lyons

    We talk about another early Church Father, Irenaeus of Lyons, his life, writings and theology. His encounter with early gnosticism occasioned some of the Church's first dogmatic and apologetic writings.

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    The Holy Name of Jesus

    Father Stephen talks about the Feast of The Holy Name, the last day in the Christmas Octave, why it takes place 8 days after Christmas, what naming means in traditional Jewish culture, and what is special about the name of Jesus in particular.

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