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Word and Table is a weekly podcast about liturgy, sacrament, and the great tradition of Christian worship and why it is vital in our world today.

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    The Didache

    We discuss how an important early church manual on ritual and practice got lost and was found again and what its contents reveal about how the early church handled the Eucharist, charity to the poor, and how long to keep visitors in their homes.

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    We discuss all things regarding ordination: how ministers come to be ordained, the rite itself, the meaning behind bishops' clothes, and why deacons, priests, and bishops exist in a religion that is also a priesthood of all believers.

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    Anglicanism: an Introduction

    After 37 episodes, Father Stephen and Alex finally get around to talking about Anglicanism. How is it different from Roman Catholicism? How is it different from other Protestant traditions? And what about that mad king who wanted a divorce?

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    The Trinity

    Father Stephen and Alex do their level best to explain the Trinity and find a suitable metaphor that isn't heretical. They also explain why the Trinity isn't an optional doctrine for Christians and what it shows us about God.

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    What is the rite of Confirmation and why has there been such a struggle to define it? Why is there a gap between baptism and Confirmation? What's actually happening in the prayer for confirmation?

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    The Gospel of John

    Father Stephen and Alex talk about the final gospel: its surprising historical veracity, how it fits in with the Synoptic Gospels and why it has a special place in the church year.

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    Ignatius of Antioch

    Fr. Stephen and Alex dive into another Church Father, the famous martyr Ignatius of Antioch, and how his letters give us a valuable window into the world of the earliest churches.

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    The Gospel of Matthew

    Father Stephen breaks down the Gospel of Matthew, its themes, its Jewish audience, and what it has to say about Jesus's identity.

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    The Gospel of Luke

    We take on the third gospel and its indispensable contributions to the story of Christ: the birth narrative, its Greek context, and the elevated place of women. We also discuss the merits of reading the Bible in sequence.

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    We break down the pieces of priestly dress and where they come from as well as the age-old question of why the bishop wears such a funny hat.

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